No matter where you go or who you talk to, you’ll hear someone recommending changes. Your job search is no different. There will be those who will claim to be the ‘absolute expert’ and will suggest that only they can give you the fast and expeditious hiring results you’re seeking. Others will offer to ‘evaluate your resume for free…’ but realistically, does anyone do anything for free? You'll likely find yourself with a 'free review' but disclosing the results or adjusting it to be the best it can be will cost you. 

The one thing we want you to understand and remember is this:

The only opinion that counts is the opinion of the hiring manager making the decision on the job you’re after. They may want your resume very brief - perhaps just a highlighted profile. Or, they may want it very comprehensive with photo’s, portfolio’s, summaries and references. There simply is no way to know what their preferences are - but giving them what they don't want is a sure way to being passed over. Regardless, it’s their opinion you have to provide for and the best way to achieve a positive result is to give them - each of them - what they want. Our system does just that. It lets you include it all, in editable tabbed sections, with each section viewable by choice. In short, it lets the recipient choose what they want to review - and that gives you the best chance for success!.

With so much at stake, why leave it up to chance? Give yourself the best odds of being considered and that means getting the 'thumbs up' from everyone in your path.

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