Corporate Sponsors and Employers
It's all about return on investment! Sure, all companies support the idea of helping job seekers find gainful employment but when their own finances are involved, it takes on a new level of significance - it needs to make sense!

Applicant Tracking Systems may work for some companies but the reality is, they select your candidate pool based on a few keywords - which begs the question, 'why invest corporate funds to have a computer program select your applicant choices when you can spend much less and get so much more?' As a sponsor with us, not only do you get a much broader set of candidates with much more relevant information, but you also enjoy free job postings, free job fairs, free webinars and the tremendous good will generated by showing your support for those looking to improve their employment situation. You also have the opportunity to provide unlimited advertising to a very specific and targeted audience as well as having your brand viewed countless times each and every day - all at no additional cost! Sure, you can invest in an ATS - or, you can turn hiring process into a substantial revenue generator and get better results in the process!


Substantial branding opportunity - Local, state wide, national or international exposure -Very targeted discount ad database - Impactful community relations - Tremendous ROI - Unlimited discount ad submission - Free virtual job fairs - Free resume books - Free webinars - Free unlimited database access

So the choice is not a difficult one - spend more money on a key-word based computer program to best determine your future or spend less money and get a substantial return in revenue, branding, efficiency and customer relations.       
*************      Just in case you're still unsure     *************

Imagine a small number of job seekers in any country you're bank is in using this program (because its free). For our example here, let's say 100,000 users, and they send out 30 resumes a week for 2 months and each gets looked at 6 times.

That means 100,000 (new resumes) x 30 (submissions) x 8 (weeks) x 6 (views each) = 144 MILLION VIEWS in just 2 months - not counting all the times when the page (or company ads) are forwarded on to another and these numbers are CONSERVATIVE. Talk about CORPORATE BRANDING!

And in actuality, each user account comes with up to 12 online resumes (simultaneously) increasing the page views that much more!

Add to that that we have advertising modules which are also included for a sponsoring company to use giving them free advertising to the job seeker database, a very targeted audience which substantially ups their return on investment. Then we also include free job postings for the sponsors as well as free job fairs. The point being that it would make great financial sense for any business to become a sponsor.
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