Today, it is very common for any job opportunity to generate hundreds of traditional resumes. Unfortunately, unless the job applicant provides a way to stand out among all the others in the stack of resumes, the odds of even having the resume read are substantialy unfavorable.

ProRezOnline was created to change those odds

We contacted hundreds of Human Resources personnel, hiring managers and recruiters with one objective in mind; what would make an applicant or resume stand out and get your attention. The results we uncovered laid the groundworh for the ProRezOnline system. Every feature we have incorporated is a direct result of all this feedback. As a consequence, we are the only ones who offer this patent pending, feature-packed online resume system anywhere, all under 1 roof and with a pricing structure aimed at revolutionizing the entire industry. In fact, our primary system is FREE!

About Us

Broad Student Education – Most students are unaware of the Career Services Department or what they do (and don't do). We work together with the department providing numerous webinars educating the students on this and all related employment topics.

Career Services Assistance - Many schools do not have the money to furnish a Career Services department with the desired equipment or personel. Consequently, many departments are left to do the best they can with what they have. ProRezOnline can substantially change this by providing a liteny of services as needed.

Expert writing assistance - ProRezOnline has teamed up with experts all over the country who will help to provide powerful, memorable content for the cover letters or resumes. Silver members have full access to all this information.

Webinars & Archives - There are a great many aspects to the job seeking process. We bring in experts to give you all the secrets of success, present that information in multiple webinars and record it all for archive viewing later on.

Newsleters and Archives - ProRezOnline provides the latest employment information updates, tips and trends through our newsletters and newsletter archive.

Private Job Boards - Our private job boards allow our paid members the opportunity to post resumes and search for exclusive positions placed on our boards by local employers. This eliminates having to compete among the huge pool of applicants in the public sector.

Dedicated Chat Forums - Students can talk with fellow students about anything and everything job related Powerful Online Resume Presence - Our System provides up to 12 online resumes simultaneously. Each has its own web address and can contain video introductions, portfolio showcase, resume snapshot and much more.